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Your property is more than just a building; it’s a part of Hialeah’s vibrant tapestry. Let us help you highlight its unique charm and appeal to potential buyers. With our deep understanding of Hialeah, Miami Springs, and Miami Lakes, we can position your property to stand out in the market. Learn how we can create a bespoke marketing strategy for your home.

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Selling your home should be a rewarding and hassle-free experience. The Cruz Granado Group is committed to providing exceptional service and unparalleled expertise in Hialeah, Miami Springs, and Miami Lakes. We handle every aspect of the sale process with precision and care, ensuring you achieve the best possible outcome. Join our list of satisfied sellers who have navigated the market successfully.

About Us

Who Am I?

At Cruz Granado Group, we stand as more than mere realtors; we are your committed partners deeply woven into the fabric of Hialeah’s lively community. With a personal upbringing in this spirited city—the second-largest in Miami-Dade County—I, Amado Cruz, carry an intrinsic understanding of its dynamic rhythm and am honored to contribute to its robust community of industrious individuals.

This city resonates with a unique significance, standing as a welcoming gateway for many immigrants in Miami, and it’s here that a beautiful tapestry of cultures and vibrant living is woven. My role transcends that of a real estate professional—I am an advocate for the exceptional qualities that make Hialeah stand out.

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From Hialeah’s streets to the stretches of Miami Springs and Miami Lakes, we’ve got the connections. List with us and let’s make your property the talk of the town!


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Got a property to list in Hialeah, Miami Springs, or Miami Lakes? Let’s make it iconic.

Hunt for Your Miami Gem!

Every crib in Hialeah, Miami Springs, and Miami Lakes has its own beat, just like every dreamer has their vision. Let’s match your vibe with that dream spot!

Get the Best Bang for Your Buck!

With our insider Miami knowledge and savvy pricing game, let’s make sure you get top dollar for your digs in Hialeah, Miami Springs, or Miami Lakes.

Invest and Chill!

Got your eyes on the horizon? Us too! We’re here to spotlight those golden opportunities in Hialeah, Miami Springs, and Miami Lakes. Secure that future and ride the wave with us!

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Let’s Unveil the Best Properties!

Hialeah’s got some seriously hot properties, and we’re bringing them straight to you. Keep an eye on our featured properties—they’re updated regularly just for you!


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